Steph Winzen studied classical Saxophone with the famous saxophonist Linda Bangs-Urban at Mainz, Germany. Her lyrical and multifaceted saxophoneplaying brought her together with artists like Giora Feidman, Raul Jaurena, Bobby Watson, John Stubblefield, John-Edward Kelly and Arno Bornkamp.


Steph plays with different symphonic orchestras in Germany and plays the baritone saxophone at the Saxonphonequartet Mainz 04. She teaches at the conservatory of Mainz and established the Saxophone Orchestra Mainz in 2013.


Her instruments are Sopranino-, Soprano-, Alto-, Tenor-, Baritone- and Basssaxophone.

She plays Flute, Clarinet and performs as a singer, too. See more of her Bands & Projects.