Steph Winzen

Saxophonist I Teacher I Mainzer Stadtmusikerin

Photo: Simon Zimbardo 2022

Steph Winzen is awarded as the Mainzer Stadtmusikerin and is the embassodor for the year of the saxophone 2019 in rhineland-palantine.

Steph has a far ranging repertoire in classical saxophone literature, she plays with different symphonic orchestras, with pianists Fritz Walther and Giulia Mandruzzato and plays the baritone saxophone at the modern saxophone quartet Mainz 04. She teaches private and at the conservatory of Mainz and established the Saxophone Orchestra Mainz .

„I always knew music is the one special thing for me. I sang before I spoke and always been curios about every thing about music. I grew up with popmusic and bavarian Folksongs. I started playing saxophone because of bigbandmusic. When I began my studies I fell in love with classical music. I tried other careers, worked 10 years in plant engineering and in the management at the Musikhochschule Mainz. But music is the one thing for me I can´t life without.

My main instrument is the saxophone, not only Alto, Baritone or soprano, every kind of. I studied also vocals classical and jazz, play the flute and the clarinet, and as a kid I started on the flugelhorn. But the saxophone is my inner voice and how I express from deep inside. I am absolutely grateful I had such great teachers like Linda Bangs-Urban, Wardy Hamburg and Günther Beugel and I try to be a good one for my students also. When I started studying I had to conduct, too and did not expect to become a conductor also. But here I am: as the musical director of the saxophone orchestra of Mainz.“



If you`ld like to support me financially trough this rough times, I would appreciate very much! Thank you!